Same Jeans, three outfits

Hi everyone!

Today i want to introduce you to a new kind of post: wearing a particular item for 3 or more different outfits. I think it’s an interesting way for not to forget that particular item we bought in a delirium moment (or not, depends on your point of view) and restyle and convince you can give a new life.

The first item i picked up is a pair of amazing One Spo jeans with heart holes, really stylish, cool and weird. Perfect for a sporty/larmeish outfit and then put in the closet and forgot about it for the next 6 months

I hope you get the idea.

Of course, if we do the same thing with all the clothes we have in our wardrobe we will never buy anymore, but if you don’t have much money to spend or anything else, it’s a smart idea that i will try do with every special piece i have in my closet, something that is difficult to match. It’s a very good exercise for creativity, too.



Other outfits i did with the same jeans:

So, you can choose to match them in elegant way, a cute way and a casual way. Let me know which is your favourite.

First outfit: Shirt: Eclipse, shoes: Oysho.

Second outfit (from left): Top: EatMe, shoes: H&M

Third Outfit: Jacket: Asos, belt: Vivienne Westwood, shoes: Quanticlo

Do you have a lot of special pieces in your closet that are difficult to match? What about your experience? Do you tried to do the same thing as i did? Tell me about everything!

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