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Hi everyone!

I’m starting a new kind of post here on my blog. Every once in a while i want to present you some brands, new or old ones, that aren’t so much famous like the classical ones (like Gucci, Chanel, LV etc).

When i discover new things i’m pretty confident with myself, because i’m curious and fascinated to discover new styles, new fabrics, new designs and i want to show you that there a lot, i mean A LOT, of brands that aren’t the usual ones and maybe they cost less (or more) and have more quality.

I want to make some organization in these kind of post, i categorize in clothing, accessories and shoes&bags.

I’m not here to present you fast fashion companies, all started when i saw the last year a documentary called “The True Cost” which i advice you to see and think more about our choices not only for fashion but for everything we own.

We all know that with the explosion of the internet and e-commerces we have a plenty of choices, we decide through designs, colors, fabrics, ethics etc… and our wallet is going to be empty at a certain time.

So, moving on, i present you 5 brands, in this case they’re only Made In Italy.

Note this: not every brand has a story behind them, i’ll try to explain and search much as possible to let you know.

  1. Lazzari

Site web: https://www.lazzarionline.com

Story: Lazzari is an Italian 100% Made In Italy brand. I know this brand from some years ago but despite this, i have only a couple of enamel pins from them. They say they believe in the true name of Made in Italy, because every process is entirely manufacturating in Italy with passion, love and artisan craftmanship.

Style: The style of Lazzari is revolving around a bon ton woman. Some of the models of the clothes are classic and some are more fancy, but the fabrics, the prints, the colors are totally out of the box, which makes Lazzari not only one of my favourite brands ever, but a brand that has something more than the others.

Fabrics: Lazzari use most or entirely natural fibers like silk, woll, cotton, cachemire and leather for the goods.



  1. BeatriceB

Site web: http://www.beatriceb.it/

Story: Beatrice is also one of my fav brands, but i discovered it recently, and i have fell in love at first sight. Beatrice’s women are also refined, classical, chic that appreciate good quality garments for her style.

Style: Beatrice’s style is also classical but more fashionable and not “old”. I mean, i can see a woman in her 30s and 40s wearing those clothes.

Fabrics: Beatrice use also natural fibers like wool, cotton, viscose and chemical ones like polyestere (but, believe me, that fiber is not like fast fashion’s quality, it’s really different)



  1. Eclipse

Site web: http://www.eclipsefashion.it/

About&style: Eclipse fashion is very funny, creative and original. It sees the necessity to create a fashion brand to help to coordinate a woman of today’s, always commited to work and and family, to dress easily without give up to be chic.

Fabrics: More synthetical fiber than natural

  1. Giorgia&Johns

Site web: https://www.giorgiaejohns.it

About: The woman of Giorgia&Johns tells us to be with a strong personality, dynamic, glamour and be never predictable. Is a person with style and with a life really committed from work, to family and friends and never lose her style.

Style: Giorgia&johns propose us very original and stylish garments without being unnoticed with medium prices.

Fabrics: N/A





  1. Clips

Site web: http://www.wandamode.it/it/

About: Wandamode is a company that has three clothing pret a porter lines which are: Clips, Clips More and Clips Tricot. They have also a line for bags. This brand also is entirely Made in Italy and it stands out for the quality of the fabrics that use and for their unique style.

Style: Outstanding style, it’s really fashionable and glamour and classical at the same time.

Fabrics: N/A



I leave you the connected video on my YouTube Channel, unfortunately it’s only in italian language, but basically i talk about the same things i put here. Enjoy!


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