Top 5 Vintage Shops on Etsy

Hi everyone and welcome back to my blog!

From now on i want to notice you about Etsy shops. In particular this time is around vintage ones.


Why buying vintage?

Buying vintage it’s a different way to shop. It’s not like going on a regular shop and planning to buy a certain garment, when you go for a trip in one of those shops it’s always a surprise, and most of the times you do not find what you need.

Also you can be different and unique from others.

Obviously you can buy vintage in physical shops without surfing on the internet but i think you’ll discover more particular and interesting designs.

Tips and tricks 

Ask ALWAYS for other photos, inside and outside, a vintage garment could have some surprises!

If measurements are not listed, ask for them.

Where, when and why i started buying vintage?

I don’t remember my first vintage piece i bought and neither when i bought it. The only thing that i know, when i wore a vintage garment i feel incredibly unique and different from other people. This is why i started, because the garments i see in local shops disappoint me, for design, material and because it’s a mass production, everyone could afford it. The other thing is if i like a garment, it’s always too expensive for my pockets, so vintage is a deal for my necessities.

Buying Vintage is expensive or cheap?

Depends always on your budget. If you’re planning to buy an outerwear for 30 bucks you’re not in the proper mood. As in physical shops, mass production or pret a porter, there are some type of garments that are obviously expensive in a certain way but the price is also justified by the manufacture of the garment. There are some things way cheaper compared to other shops, but there are some things that aren’t. It’s always a choice how and where you spend your money.

#1 Millesime Collection

This shop sells branded garments. They’re from my beloved Italy.

It’s way cheaper from the current collections but more expensive compared to vintage clothing in general. Anyway, i think that they sell fine garments.

#2 Skinnyrib Clothing

Selling cute vintage clothing from UK for a super cheap price. I’d like to buy a lot from here.


Probably one of my favourites, i saved too many garments on my list. They’re from USA. They sell a bunch of very particular vintage items. As you can see, you can find a lot of beautiful garments, from head to toe.

#4 PNB Vintage

I already tested this shop. It’s from Spain and it has really beautiful pieces with every price range.

#5 Million Treasures

It’s a shop from Bulgaria that sells mainly beautiful and high quality neckwear. They have a large selection of foulards and not only. Discover it!


Have you ever bought vintage? Did you like your garment? Are you planning to start with this journey?

Tell me about!

Bye bye! ♥♥♥

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