A/W 19 Fashion Wishes

Hi everyone!

October started, it’s one of my favourite months of the year. And so, autumn started officially and it’s time to think about the new garments that i’m going to buy for this season.


I’m a blouse girl. I love having at any disposition blouses, in particular silk and high end ones. They are feminine, they make me feel feminine, chic, elegant, business woman-like. I love them in particular colors, like this one. It’s lilac and it has a giant ribbon on the front. It’s from Sandro and i don’t have much things in this colorway but i wish i have more.

Knit garments are one of the fashion trends of this season. I never liked so much knitwear in general, because it makes me feel more “bigger” and “fatter”. Probably i won’t go for a total knit outfit, they’re better for whose is taller than me (I’m 157 cm) so i have to choose in which piece i want to spend, for example this beutiful skirt in wool blend from Zara. I also never miss to take some cachemire jumper this year.



I didn’t never imagined myself with a hat or a fedora in winter time, but from now on i will take more attention to these details. I love Borsalino’s ones but now i can be satisfied for a more cheaper one. This is from Etsy, and you know my love for vintage and handmade garments. I will definetely buy one of those.

Hat is an accessory key.  It’s been three/four years hat started to became trendy again, most of the time you wore them as summery accessory, but felt and wool hats are a very beautiful garments and they can became a key to your outfit or style. It something that you “think” before you leave your home.

I felt in love also with fur hats aswell. I don’t like faux fur so much, it’s synthetic and let your hair sweating, while natural fur garments are meant to let your skin breathe. An other point of favor to natual ones is that they makes you feel warm. I found many real fur garments on Etsy shop aswell, as vintage or not.


I love boots so much. These i linked here are a bit expensive so i will think more about it, but they are totally to die for!

I never saw a pair of long pink boots in my entire life and now they’re at my disposal. Also, they seems really comfortable, because of the heel, a bit chunky with a roundy point.


Gonna buy a pair of red oxford Dr.Martens (never bought them in my life, it will be the first time!). They can be paired with an elegant dress or with a total casual-sporty outfit.

A pair of red decolletes is a must have for me, not for this season but in general. I’m looking for them since a bunch of time and i think i found them. I will try them on and let you know for sure (you will probably see them in one of my fashion haul on YouTube, unfortunately i only speak my mothertongue language on here, which is italian.)

Silk blouse: Sandro | Knit skirt: Zara | Hats: Etsy | Pink boots: Lazzari | Red oxford shoes: Dr.Martens |Red heels: Walter calzature

Well, that’s all for now, which is a bit to think of.

What are you going to buy this season?


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