About me

General informations

I’m Ottavia Amoruso Battista, know as Rosedelhirsch online.

Italian, 23 years old. Beyond fashion i love reading, crafting and psychology.

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) = INFP (Introversion, Intuition, Feeling, Perceiving)

My fashion tastes revolves around bon ton, classic, chic, elegant, romance style. I follow with passion and dedition Larme Kei adding a lot of classical pieces to make it more wearable for everyday use.


My creative path started when i was very young, indeed, immediately i was introvert and artistic as well, i thought that drawings and my fantasies were more important than socializing with other people. My dreams were and are an important part of my life. So, when it was the time to decide which path to lead, i choosed an artistic high school even if my parents weren’t agreed with it. They still thinking that an artistic path won’t to take to success and “make money”.

Since high school, my fashion tastes changed a lot (and I am really thankful for it) so i decided to sign up to a fashion school. I didn’t want to become a fashion stylist, because everyone was and there wasn’t so much jobs like that and thanks to my father i decided to go for the pattern making course. So, I signed up to Istituto Secoli in Milan. I discovered a world in it and finally in 2014 after a very struggling period of my life, i decided to pursue a goal: finish the course. I started studying a lot that i obtained the scholarship and then i finally degreed in December 2014.

Before i finished my degree, i opened a fashion blog on blogspot. I started because i wanted to show people how i was wearing, because my style wasn’t so classical, but weird and funny. Indeed, I was (am) into Jfashions so i wanted to show my style to the world.

Three months passed and i found a job in a small italian company, where i worked as a pattern maker for made to measure shirt for men, women and children. I have been there for exactly three years.

In these time, my blog changed a lot and became very professional only in the last year, because i started having a customized domain and many other facts.


Now, I am working in big fashion company abroad as a pattern maker for menswear.

Now, Rosedelhirsch it’s a professional site where i write about fashion contents, which are my personal outfits, inspirations for using a same item for many outfits, where i present new brands.